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Debut Album

I Can’t Remember My Dreams




Top 10 on the Folk Charts, July 2014

“Break A Little Heart” #3 song on the Folk charts, July 2014

Leslie burst on the scene when her album placed in the top 10 albums for July 2014 on the Folk DJ list and had a #3 hit with “Break A Little Heart.” Leslie has garnered the respect & attention of presenters, audiences and other artists with her beautiful voice, clever lyrics and memorable melodies. Leslie Evers’ songwriting style honors many traditions and is both accessible and unique.


I Can’t Remember My Dreams is the debut album from Leslie Evers. Accompanying her on this collection of originals is an all-star roster of talented veterans. Produced by guitarist Woody Mann, it also features bassist Rene Worst, mandolinist John Reischman, vocalist/arranger Ed Johnson, and fiddler Kenny Kosek.


“A strong debut by Leslie Evers, this singer/composer who is clearly ready for a big audience worldwide.”  – folkworld.eu

Early praise for I Can’t Remember My Dreams:

Sorrowful, whimsical, delightful tunes, set on a slow burn, gently and thoughtfully arranged and produced, with a first-class coterie of contributors.

–Kathleen Goll-Derstine, singer-songwriter

Leslie Evers, as soon as I can figure out what to say about your album I will say it. At this point, I am totally speechless.

It’s only my opinion, but your lyrics are light years ahead of ANYTHING I have heard in forever. Although the subject material is different, the complexity of the lyrics, the layers, the baring of emotion, the throwing yourself open are all equal to, if not greater than, Dylan. I found myself trying to find the feeling that forced itself to show forth as lyrics. I doubt that I discovered your feeling, but am sure that your lyrics took me into places in me that had remained hidden. Utterly Remarkable!!!

Your voice is magnificent!!! I love the tone, the range, the feel. You do vocal tricks off the cuff – like no big deal – without ever calling attention to the fact that your doing tricks. I just absolutely love that!!!

I love the simplicity of your guitar skills – and you DO have guitar skills. Mann did a great job, too.

Each song was my favorite until I heard the next one. Now, I’m just confused about which one I like best.

Honestly, and from my heart, I am more impressed with what you’ve done than I can possibly tell you.

–Randy Frank, guitar player, Knoxville TN

Waiting for the big storm to hit and listening to “I Can’t Remember My Dreams,” the debut CD from my friend, singer/songwriter Leslie Evers. I have long been a fan of Leslie’s gorgeous vocal tone and thoughtful delivery. This CD has been a long time coming. It’s as if Leslie Evers made a decision to wait until she was absolutely sure she could deliver an outstanding piece of art that is way above average. She’s succeeded. Leslie’s songwriting is like a ballerina, effortlessly dancing across a tightrope that stretches from sparse, down home folk at its best to songs reminiscent of the sophisticated craft of the great American songbook. A taste of the former is available on her site at www.leslieevers.com, featuring a sweet video selfie of Leslie and her banjo. The instrumentation choices stand perfectly unadorned, featuring the talents of heavy hitters such as guitar ace Woody Mann, bass hero Rene Worst and mandolin wiz John Reischman. Long time collaborator Ed Johnson rings in with tasteful vocal support. Leslie herself shows off some serious guitar chops, especially on “Wonder Woman.” Needless to say, the production quality is excellent. This lovely CD made me smile and filled my heart with bittersweet joy.

–Jamie Kelly Curtis, singer/songwriter, Santa Cruz


You are the goods — a real songwriter! Poetic lyrics and — my personal bias being for music over lyrics in most every case — songs that are well beyond a talented performance of familiar progressions and a few chords, which is the hallmark of some other musical friends’ oeuvre. Love your unexpected changes! And that you play and sing it, too — WITCH! Well, Renaissance Woman, for sure. We should all be very glad that you didn’t miss your calling(s).

–David Bruskin, Hollywood story analyst

Leslie Evers doesn’t call to mind any other artist in particular except, in the broadest sense, the late Jesse Winchester, who was able to fashion perfect folk-pop songs out of the most elemental materials…I Can’t Remember My Dreams reminds us of the pleasures of good singing and good writing, certainly, but also of classic American music itself.”

— Jerome Clark, rambles.net.

About Leslie Evers:

Leslie Evers is a poet, dramatic writer and cinema veteran, but most of all a musician whose diverse talents include songwriting, singing, swing guitar and clawhammer banjo. Leslie Evers has been strongly influenced by American roots & old-time music, as well as the melodies and themes explored in the great American songbook. Her songs create moving pictures and impart a sense of story, character, and mood. Leslie Evers lives in Northern California.

Before this project, Leslie Evers produced three jazz albums with composer Ed Johnson under her own label, Cumulus Records. She can be reached directly at .